Monday, June 25, 2018


Clay turned 61 yesterday and to celebrate I made chicken with Bone Suckin Sauce the flavor is AMAZING! The people at the Bone Suckin office sent us several products to review. I loved the steak rub too which I found myself sprinkling on everything as it is so yummy Super good on eggs! They got the flavor right and it is a instant hit perfect for picnics, dinners, gourmet dishes etc! Check out their site for all the delish products they have! 

Happens for the average Joe :) ....

Facebook to pay groupies

I am always growing my sphere of influence, after all I am pretty much online 24/7 if you love to crochet come join my new crochet group.. we never will charge for our groups so enjoy free of charge forever!

Free fishing for NY

In the know...
What is catfishing in social media? Catfishing is a type of deceptive activity where a person creates a sock puppet social networking presence, or fake identity on a social network account, for attention seeking, bullying or as a romance scam.  via Wikipedia
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Friday, December 8, 2017

youtubes and winning a skill the whole family can enjoy :)

shhhh.. don't tell my mom I didn't edit this.

This morning I posted a few youtube giveaways up on my personal facebook during the Holidays there are tons of youtube sweepstakes/giveaways to enter. Make sure you type in something like Dec 2017 giveaways and then enjoy all those to enter. You will have to make a youtube account in order to sub to the "sponsors/youtubers"  - I have won a few of these and many are really easy to win as the entry level on many of these are very very low. With that - Have you seen all the youtubes up about sweepstaking? I know I posted a few through the years just go to poplebackyardfarm on youtube and put in sweepstakes. But I am not the only one .. there are many, many youtubes up about winning sweepstakes, and people showing off their wins -- people air  from other sweepers, sweepstake site owners to just about anything sweeping.  I want to challenge some of YOU to get on youtube and start sharing your wins! It is a great way to win more! People will be able to connect with you better when they see a face and many youtubers will invite their watchers to join them on facebook, instragram , etc.. another way to grow your personal sweepstaking community. Get out of your comfort zone and start doing some videos!! Now if are not the type that will do a video .. why not just sub to other sweepers on youtube and be a part of the sweeper community on youtube - Another great way to connect and to learn and grow in this fun hobby. Talking about not for you... I am unable to commit to a faithful live stream for sweepstaking but I would love to see some of you start doing some live streams for sweepers on youtube.  I am hoping that we get at least 25 people this year that jump on doing actual live streams for sweepers. I have seen this happen with many "communities" on youtube. I personally will join in the multitude of homesteaders as I also have a little farm . There are about 5 -10 homesteading networks of friends and many don't do the live stream themselves but they go from network and show to show chatting and showing their support. It really brings the community in closer. I know if I go to a show all the people watching will sub to me, etc.. it's really nice.. just so you can see that it will help you and you don't even have to be the one doing the live show. The ones doing the live shows usually get more but that's cool because they are doing the work. Yes, facebook has livestreams too, but today's post is youtube as this is a nice big fat "opportunity" that the sweepstakers haven't completely taken over. It will be a huge advantage for you to be one of the first too. Facebook and even instragram are satuated but youtube because people were camera shy in the beginning- they aren't anymore is only now getting the exposure as people just don't stress about getting in front of the camera with the birth of the selfie LOL. One final note.. When you see a live stream on youtube for sweepers get on board - or a video and spread the word - Just imagine if we all just did a video a week or month to show our winnings and we had a few of us do a live stream. It would make us all stronger and it is another great way to share your facebook pages, instragrams, ideas, etc.. it's just such a upclose community I know I feel I know the people on youtube doing sweepstakes and it would be wonderful for all of us to grow together. Hope this get's you thinking.. :) And my advice if you are considering this- Just do it and do it afraid.. you will be fabulous! I am hoping to find more youtubers showing off their wins and bonding together :) We can do more together than apart. I hope you enjoyed this newsletter. Please feel free to share this newsletter and more important enter, enter, enter! 

Here are a few to get you started today :)

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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Learn about #FOXES

There are all kinds of foxes world wide. The red fox is worldwide and you can tell them by the white tip on their tale. A friend to some and a foe to others. 

Today my tweets on twitter are brought to you be "The Fox" and I will be sharing about foxes all day.

A fox can take out a whole flock of chickens in a night and bite off their heads and leave their bodies although he will be back for the body later. 
The female is called a vixon 
A male a fox or dog
and babies are called pups or kits. 

Foxes can be made friendly but remember they are always a wild animal. 

If you catch a fox to relocate they will be scared and probably urinate on you, put a cloth over the cage to calm them down.

In the garden they say that a man urinating will deter them as they are territorial.. (whoever they are?) but heard this over and over so I thought it was worth noting. 

A fox will only live about 2 years in a city because of car accidents. 

They eat all kinds of things but do have a sweet tooth and like cake!

Foxes do not hibernate. Their thick fur helps them to stay warm their under fur is 1.5 inches thick -  Their biggest problem is if it gets hot they can get heat stress. They aren't as cold as you think in the winter. Hardly any heat escapes so they are actually quite toasty in the winter.

Image result for foxes curling up

They curl themselves up in a ball to make themselves smaller to stay warm.
Food helps them to stay warm - so they mark their territory daily to keep their food area secure and sometimes they are known as food scatterers as it appears they kill for fun.. but the idea is to save the food for later. They also dive into the snow and use their hearing to find food.. his ears can pick up the faintest scamper from beneath the snow the weird thing is he almost comes up empty handed unless he is facing north.. some scientist believe he is homing in on the earth's magnetic field for this for the north pole .. if that is so nearly 75% of time he will get food.. weird but scientist are still looking at this. Most carnivores are successful about 10% or 20% of time. 

They eat such things as people food... they like people a lot!
pet foot
small animals

A artic fox is twice as small as a red fox

Red fox are absent on Scottish islands.

Fox lives in dens under the ground. cubs are born blind and stay in the dens up to 2 months.

They mate from December to February and give out loud mating screams

They basically choose one mate. - They are mainly night creatures - They can also climb trees!

The fox will live about 10-15 years in captivity about 1/2 of that in the wild.

If you have to trap a fox here are the foods that you should put in ---> Fish, fresh or canned, honey or sugar covered vegetables, smoked fish, watermelon, sweet corn, cooked fatty meat, crisp bacon - always work with your local game warden for such matters.

  Chickens can be devasting to the garden and chicken coop relocating them is the best way.

Guess what Chickens usually eat at zoos? Baby chickens! - So you can see they love chicken! 


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Monday, November 13, 2017

Save big by upcycling

One thing I have learned in life is to live frugal and you can meet your friends who are racing to make a lot of cash on the other side. Trust me I have been the guy that went out to eat daily and spent most of my paycheck on clothing and fun stuff for years. As you get older you learn the value of not having credit card bills and a lot of "STUFF" that just ends up at the goodwill. I also hate at this point in my life to wear the same clothes, car, furniture etc.. like "everyone else" I like to feel unique.. not weird.. but rather "custom" . Upcycling is totally cool and can easily be fitted in to your life to look "normal" plus you never know you may even start a fad among your friends. Moving to my little farm after I married my husband almost 6 years ago now - before anything gets tossed you ask yourself what else can I use this for? Nothing gets wasted. Leftovers of leftovers turn into chicken food. Boxes turn into totes until more totes can be bought. Worn out clothing turn into rags for cleaning or cut up for yarn for rug making. Milk jugs get cut in half for a fresh change for the toilet brush, etc.. You would be amazed at all the useful things around you - You are just "tossing" . It's like FREE MONEY!  My husband taught me that canning and making your own also tastes better and feels better there is just something about that "homemade" thing that makes it more special. Also - very important the MORE you do this the BETTER it will be. At first you feel like some of your creations are "childlike" after starting this hobby you will find more and more that your creations are professional and better than anything you can find on the market practice makes perfect. Even that milk jug for the toilet can be painted or spruced up to not look like junk and cordinating with the bathroom decor you will be amazed at yourself. Currently I am using a wine ice bucket for my toilet brush and it is really cute in my bathroom. I don't drink and the bucket looks cute in my bathroom. If I get sick of it I can toss it. It had a second life so I can toss it and not feel guilty. LOL. Okay here are a few ideas to get you started..

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Perfect Breakast for the Wee ones Welch Cakes by Copper Kettle Bakery

Copper Kettle Bakery    

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I love waking up early in the morning and pouring a hot cup of coffee and eating a Copper Kettle Bakery Welsh Cake. This is my new routine! Welsh cakes are just so delicious and can be served with butter or plain. I received a beautiful assortment from The Copper Kettle Bakery as well as a mix to make my own. This will definitely bring the romance of breakfast or any time you want a sweet welsh cake back into your life. The Copper Kettle offers a great selection chocolate chip, currants, pineapple and coconut , cranberry cakes - oh so good! I love this company please take a few minutes and look around their site and do me a huge favor and share this post on at least one of your social outlets! I did receive my products for review purposes and no monies were exchanged. 

Adding a border to your linen makes them a little more special :)

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Book case Club

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I absolutely love this Subscription Box Club. I read a lot, in fact I read more than the normal person, something I picked up as a kid. I often think of how I would go on vacation and fill the backseat of my car with totes of books, as a adult. As I child, I would  go visit my grandma Yingst, and read in her beautifully Pennsylvania Dutch home on her window seat.  Book Case Club sends you books each month starting at $9.99 . What I love is that you can choose which Type of books you want to read. They asked me what type I would be interested in and I chose the thriller box (Gotta have my dose of those thrillers!!!). I loved my box ! I felt that the books were a good choice for me. If you are a book tuber like me -those of us that do youtubes on books we read, you will be able to get a active discussion going on your reads on youtube with other readers who have read the books.   If you aren't a book tuber you will enjoy checking out the booktubes on the books. (you can watch my book tubes at - along with all the other things on our vlog). You can also chose more books if you read a lot or less books as the book boxes are all different sizes! This is also a wonderful way to encourage little ones to read as they have children boxes. I did receive my box for review purposes and no monies were exchanged. 

   A beautiful way to display your homemade dishclothes.

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Mark your calendar for August 21 2017 Total Solar Eclipse #SCIENCE #SCHOOL #HOMESCHOOL

Image result for August 21 2017 solar eclipse Image result for August 21 2017 solar eclipse

Image result for August 21 2017 solar eclipse   Image result for August 21 2017 solar eclipse

Image result for August 21 2017 solar eclipse

Mark your calendar to share the Total Solar Eclipse with your children. This will be crossing the USA on August 21, 2017. Make sure you protect your eyes during the viewing. 

  Sewing is a great skill to teach your children it is something they can use for a lifetime!

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