Monday, July 3, 2017

To Homeschool, Christian school, or Public??

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As a mother who has done both.. and as a Christian, I think it is best to pray about such matters. Some kids like me excelled in Public School and did well in Christian Private school.  I was a book learner at that time and it was easy for me.. at times a little too easy as in Private school I got behind as my English and Math as my social skills were overtaking my school skills only to have it all balance out shortly as when they placed in me in Public school I was a grade ahead in some subjects History and Science I was in 10th grade and in 8th grade in English and Math.. only to have it actually be at grade Level in Public School since the private school was accelerated learning -I was only in Public school in 9th grade a couple months and  was shocked that some of my grades were higher than those who had been there all year! The plus and minus with letting kids work at their own pace. In 1oth grade it all panned out. In high school your daughter may want to do hair and go to BOCES or your son may want to be a car mechanic. My dad owned a print shop and I wanted to be part of the business so I wanted to go to boces and join the family business so I did get a two year degree in trade school as well as took business classes in the regular public school - All said .. prayer is the key - socializing for me wouldn't have been a problem as in High School there wasn't a lot of time to socialize and I actually had more friends outside of school in church and other activities as our school was so large that building relationships was pretty much impossible when you only saw someone for 5 minutes before classes. Although many kids may have thought they were good friend after building so many friendships where you spend hours with each other in church events it's hard to compete on the social level in public school. I never was homeschooled but it probably wouldn't have mattered. My two oldest sisters did it and loved it. My son did it for a short time but he did much better when I put him in private school followed by Public like me. I bought just about every curriculum for my son later to be all donated to the Christian school - but he really needed a stronger foundation at the small grades being a boy and he had a strict teacher that cared about his reading and he actually skipped 2 grades! A big saga on how this all happened as we moved and the new school had the opposite curriculum so he started there way behind in reading and ahead in other subjects.  I tried to play catch up it wasn't working so we discussed this with private school and they fixed him up and got him back on track. He basically was so far behind in reading it was a big concern..but his math scores were off the chart in testing him! All said each child is different and not to be taken lightly without a lot of prayer.  Each child is uniqued and wired differently and just because your kid is a great book learner may not mean that he can build a engine and become the next great inventor. Train up a child in the way he should go - And parents should be in prayer about this. Obviously if your child is being bullied in school, or you have a unique situation you may have to act fast and just trust that God has it in control and not to let your child suffer if it is affecting them more than the normal social things that kids need to work through to grow socially. In those situations God gives us a brain and He makes a way as He promises to supply all our needs if that is part of his plan. (Special note here after working at a christian school too, many times if finances are a issue some schools will work with you as part of their "ministry" if possible to make a way too.) 

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